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Your One-stop solution for sustainable energy solutions. We are a leading provider of solar power solutions, catering to a wide range of customers including corporate entities, industries, Hospitals, institutions, and households.

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Welcome to Rgsm Power

"Powering a Sustainable Future Together"

Our mission is to work with our clients to create a sustainable future through the use of renewable energy solutions.

As a leading Renewable Energy Solutions Company, we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients' energy needs. We understand the importance of renewable energy sources and their role in creating a more sustainable future, and we are dedicated to helping our clients transition to cleaner energy sources.

At RGSM Power , we provide a range of renewable energy solutions, including solar, wind, and energy storage systems, for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We are specialized in End to End In house Customized Service. Our team of experts is passionate about delivering high-quality solar solutions that help our clients achieve their energy goals while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Our solar solutions are designed to deliver maximum energy production and efficiency, while our wind turbines are engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Our energy storage systems allow our clients to store excess energy generated by their renewable energy systems, reducing their reliance on the grid and saving them money on energy bills.


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Rooftop Solar Solutions

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Ground Mount Solar Solutions

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Substations & Power Solutions

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Solar O&M Solutions

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Detailed Engineering & Design Services

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Government Approvals

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Financial Solutions

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Wind Solar Hybrid Solutions

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Full Project Management

Project management is an essential part of our brand's operations. We follow a structured approach to plan, execute, and manage solar power projects for our clients. Our project management process involves identifying project goals, defining project scope, creating a project plan, allocating resources, managing project risks, and monitoring project progress.


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Project Engineer, Engineering Firm


The detailed engineering and design services provided by RGSM Power were critical to the success of our solar project. Their team of experts helped us identify and overcome potential obstacles and provided us with a comprehensive design that exceeded our expectations.

CFO, Non-Profit Organization

Sarah Lee

The financial solutions provided by RGSM Power were instrumental in helping us secure financing for our solar project. Their expertise in navigating the complex financial landscape of renewable energy allowed us to secure favorable terms and maximize the return on our investment.

Business Partner


We've worked with RGSM Power on multiple projects, and their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is unparalleled. They're a reliable and knowledgeable partner, and we'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for solar solutions.

Solar Project Manager


We were impressed with the precision and attention to detail in their engineering and design services. The final product exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and efficiency.

Renewable Energy Developer


Their Solar O&M Solutions have been invaluable in maintaining the smooth operation of our solar projects. Their team of experts is always available to address any issues and ensure optimal performance.

Solar Investment Analyst


Their financial solutions and expertise in government approvals have been crucial in securing funding and permits for our solar projects. We look forward to continued collaboration with their team.

Project Manager, Agricultural Company

Jane Smith

The ground mount solar solution provided by RGSM Power has exceeded our expectations in terms of energy generation and reliability. The team worked closely with us to customize the solution to our specific needs and delivered it on time and within budget.

Facilities Manager, Commercial Real Estate Company


We were initially hesitant about investing in solar power due to concerns about the complexity of the installation and maintenance. However, RGSM Power's solar O&M solutions have put our fears to rest. Their proactive approach to maintenance and monitoring ensures that our system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Project Process


We start with an initial consultation to understand our client's energy needs and goals. During this consultation, we will evaluate the property, review the client's energy usage, and discuss their budget and timeline.

System Design

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, our team of experts will design a custom renewable energy system that meets the client's energy needs and goals. We use the latest technology and high-quality materials to ensure the system is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Proposal, Contract, Permits & Approvals

Once the system design is finalized, we provide the client with a detailed proposal and contract outlining the scope of work, timeline, costs, and payment schedule. We obtain all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and utility companies to ensure that the system is installed in compliance with all regulations.


Our experienced installation team will install the renewable energy system using best practices and following all safety guidelines. We ensure that the installation process is smooth, efficient, and timely.

Commissioning & Testing

Once the installation is complete, we perform commissioning and testing to ensure that the system is operating at maximum efficiency and is integrated with the client's existing electrical system.

Maintenance & Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that the renewable energy system continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Our team of experts will monitor the system's performance and provide regular maintenance and repairs as needed.